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Lvl 45 | 🇩🇪 | Enjoying mostly Historic books with a preferred focus on the Viking Age and the Middle Ages until knighthood became something old-fashioned and The War of the Roses has ended. Also open for Science Fiction and Biographies, a fine Thriller is always welcome anyway! #fedi22

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Ken Follett: Die Waffen des Lichts (AudiobookFormat, Deutsch language, Lübbe Audio) 4 stars

England 1770. Mit Erfindung der "Spinning Jenny" bricht eine neue Ära der Fertigung und Industrie …

Well done, but missing the "older" times

4 stars

Apart from all previous Kingsbridge-based books, this one is the well-known Ken Follett-recipe fueled by the typical ingredients but this time settled in the late 18th century and focusing on the change of wort due to industrialization and the war against one common enemy, Napoleon.

A good story but due to myself preferring the Middle Ages this setting is just "too future-like" for me despite Follett doing the best for us readers to cherish (and hate) the specific characters and their development.